Our base

Cobaltalloy has two factories and one workshop, which totally covers an area of 11,500 square meters. Our company has 20 years experience in R&D with 5 technique engineers.

What We Make

Professional production of Investment casting and Powder metallurgy: Cobalt Alloys plate, Stellite alloy, Cobalt Chrome Alloy and Metal Ceramic components .

Our Market

Over 90% Cobalt chrome alloys export to North America and Europe.
SYTOP Cobalt Alloy can be found on all continents and more than 50 countries.

Welcome To Sytop

Quality, from design to product.

Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd is a famous

China Cobalt Alloys Plate Manufacturers and Cobalt Chrome Alloys Factory

,our products including Stellite 6, Stellite 4, Stellite 12, Stellite 3, Stellite 20), Cobalt Chrome Alloy mechanical parts offered at an unbeaten price.

Started in 2001, we have almost 20 years producing experience for over 500 kinds of products and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

Why Choose Us

Powder metallurgy production Cobalt-chromiun alloys products, one of the three global suppliers.

Our faith is that the quality and customer's demands are always the first important
thing for everyone in our company.

R&D team

5 engineers with more than 20 years professional knowledge in our R&D team,We guarantee every your idea or drawing request to real products.

Production capacity

SYTOP control the core technology of Cobalt-chromium Alloy powder metallurgy, also we have casting and forging plant to meet your various request of Cobalt-chromium Alloy .

Quick & efficient service

More than 90% of our products exported to North America and Europe, quality assurance, quantitative and flexible.

Leaders in PM Cobalt-chromium Alloy

16 years in producing cobalt alloy
parts and 10 years exporting
experience. Providing
professional solutions for
wear issues and products.


Our products are very widely used

We support our customers to translate his idea to real product. Appreciate our designer and engineer, we can realize
your design easily into actual parts in a short time.

Who We Are?

Leaders in high performance PM Cobalt Alloys, Cobalt Chromium Alloy, Cobalt Chrome Alloy plate, Silver Tungsten Alloy, Copper Cobalt Alloy products, is credited daily reliability of our clients in oil & gas, petrochemical, wood cutting, viscose fiber, auto, steel and food industry.
Manufacturers for almost 20 years and are very knowledgeable about the Cobalt-chromiun alloys properties, our experience, quality control and know-how we cloud solve the wear and corrosion issues for each client.
The technical department can advise and help fully resolve any questions or need arising in the production process.
A quick and efficient service can compare our quality worldwide.
Our Powder metallurgy Cobalt alloys parts will ensure the maximum performance values ​​and we are responsible for every piece, you can rely on SYTOP.

Our Committed

The orders will be well organized and strictly quality controlled from design to Stellite, Cobalt Alloyproduct.
  • High quality committed
  • Reasonable delivery guarantee
  • Quick and efficient after service

Our Marketing Situation

Mainly in North America and Europe, including the United States, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, Israel, India, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.

North American exports accounted for 75%, Europe accounted for 15%
of other regions 10%


  • Powder metallurgy production Cobalt-chromiun alloy products ,one of the three global suppliers.
  • Advanced production and testing equipment .
  • Deliver the orders in a shortest time with a well organized production plan according to our customers expectations
  • Product variety , according to samples or drawing to produce , no MOQ limitation.

Our Partners

High Performance Cobalt chrome alloy Products.

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High Performance Cobalt chrome alloy Products.

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