Advantages and Production Process of Cobaltalloy

Update:12 Nov 2018

Sytop (Cobaltalloy) is one professional manufacturer an […]

Sytop (Cobaltalloy) is one professional manufacturer and leading supplier of Cobalt Alloy Plate products, founded in 2001 We are one high-tech enterprise specializing in development, production and sales of cobalt alloy.

Production Process (Cobalt Chrome Alloy Watter Nozzle)

1.Powder metallurgy process

A.Better metallurgical structure, better strength

B.Various types of automatic pressing machines from 3 tons to 630 tons. The ordered profiles can be very flexible.

Cobalt-chromium Alloy alloy Powder metallurgy parts has improved 30% properties than casting , which was proved in real application .

2.Investment casting process

Different volume of furnaces, the order quantity can be very flexible.


CNC, lathing, drilling, milling, grinding, wire cutting, polishing

Advantages of Cobalt Alloy

Powder metallurgy production Cobalt-chromium Alloy products, one of the world's three suppliers.

Advanced production and testing equipment and professional R & D team.

Rapid production and delivery capacity, the fastest delivery of 3 days.

Strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement, respect for the privacy of customers.

Product variety, producing custom pieces according to customer samples or drawings, no minimum MOQ requirements.

We sincerely thank all of customers for your kind trust and support. We cordially promise that what we provide is not only the excellent products, but also high effective service.