Basic content of cobalt alloy

Update:13 Apr 2019

Among them, the composition of the 2-17 type alloy is o […]

Among them, the composition of the 2-17 type alloy is others, and the magnetic energy product of the alloy is . Rare earth cobalt hard magnetic alloys are suitable for applications requiring small magnets and high magnetic field strength, such as precision DC motors, household appliances, magnetic bearings, printers and medical devices in electronic computers. Gold is one of the rare non-ferrous mineral products in the world. It has a very low annual output and is widely used. It is mainly used as raw materials for casting ingredients.Tungsten gold is derived from a white sand type ore body. The ore line is extremely small.

After many processes such as mining, grinding, water re-election and refining, tungsten ore powder with a grade of more than 95% is obtained, and then refined by high-temperature electric furnace. The finished product is tungsten gold. Tungsten gold melting point. At present, tungsten ore is mainly distributed in China and Russia, and China is now the world's largest exporter of tungsten and gold. Tungsten-cobalt alloy has high flexural strength, compressive strength, impact toughness, modulus of elasticity and small coefficient of thermal expansion. It is the most widely used type of cemented carbide Main use: It can be used as a tool for processing cast iron.

Non-ferrous metals, non-metals, heat-resistant alloys, titanium alloys and stainless steels, etc., can also be used as extension molds, wear parts, stamping dies and drill bits. Tungsten-cobalt alloy Specification Tungsten-cobalt alloy Shape Block tungsten Cobalt alloy color: silver white  tungsten-cobalt alloy packaging box of tungsten-cobalt alloy chemical formula tungsten carbide and metal cobalt consisting of hard alloy tungsten and cobalt as a main component of an alloy, multi-purpose Produced in the mining of the bit. The appearance of the tungsten-cobalt alloy coating is close to that of the chrome plating layer, and the plating solution has good dispersing ability and covering ability.

The effects of sodium tungstate, cobalt sulfate, additives, current density and pH on the tungsten content and properties of the coating are studied. Tungsten-cobalt alloy It has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, and has good application prospects. The recent trend of tungsten-cobalt alloy prices has risen with the price increase of the sector. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is also known as tungsten carbide-cobalt cemented carbide. A cemented carbide composed of tungsten carbide and metallic cobalt. According to the cobalt content, it can be divided into high cobalt , medium cobalt  and low cobalt. This kind of cermet can be made according to the usual special ceramics compounding and molding process. However, the firing should be controlled according to the nature of the blank and the quality of the finished product. The sintering atmosphere is controlled by vacuum or reducing atmosphere, generally in carbon tube electric furnace, hydrogen-pass molybdenum wire furnace, high frequency. It is carried out in a vacuum furnace.

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