Cermet cemented carbide

Update:23 Mar 2019

A cermet cemented carbide is a kind of high-melting-poi […]

A cermet cemented carbide is a kind of high-melting-point, high-hardness metal carbide powder such as WC, TiC and a binder , which are formed by pressure molding and then sintered.

Powder metallurgy material. The commonality of cermet cemented carbide is: high hardness, high compressive strength and high wear resistance, high brittleness, no forging and heat treatment, mainly used for.

making multi-station progressive die, large diameter drawing The insert of the die. According to the type of metal carbide.

It is generally classified into a tungsten drill type hard alloy and a tungsten cobalt titanium type hard alloy. The hard alloy for cold blanking is generally a tungsten drill.

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