Cobalt alloy is used on the car casing

Update:21 Jun 2019

In fact, many god manufacturers do not use aluminum all […]

In fact, many god manufacturers do not use aluminum alloy and stainless steel as the car shell for a certain reason. First of all, if the stainless steel car shell will increase the weight of the car itself, it will lead to the car's oil consumption. The second stainless steel installation procedure is more complicated. If it is not painted, the stainless steel will reflect light. When the car is driving on the road at night, it will encounter two cars.

If you open the far light, it will be visually difficult for the driver to drive. Clear the road ahead, the possibility of bad things will increase greatly. Another reason is that the hardness of stainless steel is not enough. It requires drilling and welding during processing. This will result in poor manufacturing process and the body is not so strong. Therefore, the material of stainless steel is not suitable for the car casing. But some people say that aluminum alloy is lighter than iron, and its hardness is also consistent.

So why not use aluminum alloy to make the shell, because the price of the aluminum alloy itself is relatively high, and it is much more expensive than steel. If the outer shell of the car is made of aluminum alloy, the cost is calculated, including the labor cost. To be between 7 and 2 million, there is no huge advantage in the market. Instead, consumers will not choose this type of car because of the price. Unless it is a luxury car with a certain brand effect, it will be made of aluminum alloy.

Their own brand is well-known, even if the price of ordinary cars is much more expensive than others, so if you use aluminum alloy, it may be more acceptable to be more expensive. However, there is another point that the outer casing of this material needs to be very powerful in repairing this piece. Of course, their cost is extremely high. As long as there is damage, it will cost five or six thousand. This is unbearable for ordinary consumers, and few people can afford it, so the general car uses aluminum alloy is not practical.

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