Cobalt Chromium Alloy Seal Ring (Some Information)

Update:12 Feb 2019

As a professional cobalt chromium alloy manufacturer, w […]

As a professional cobalt chromium alloy manufacturer, we strive to be an international manufacturer and a leader in the Cobalt Chromium Alloy industry such as to achieve sustainable development for our company.

What Kind of Cobalt Chromium Alloy Seal Ring Can We Produce?

The sealing ring can be used in many industry and equipment when you need the parts with wear resistance , corrosion resistance and high temperature at same time .

We guarantee the high precision size and straight tolerance control.

What Is the Details of Sytop Cobalt Chromium Alloy Seal Ring?

Material :

Cobalt Chromium Alloy–Grade 3.6.12

Process :

Powder Metallurgy , it is short for PM and investment casting


38-55 HRC

Density :

8.4 g/cm ³

Size :

Diameter 8-500mm

Properties :

Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance

Application :

as a seal ring

Instructions :

Drawing made upon cutomers request

Usage :

sealing parts

Tolerance control :

turning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing

Production lead time

Samples 10 days , normal order 15-30 days

Production capacity :

20,000pcs one month.

We spare no effort in exceeding customer's expectations for our products. We at Yuanyong is willing to work with our customers such that together we will drive the growth of Cobalt Chromium Alloy 12 industry.