Cobalt Chromium Alloy Uses

Update:18 Jan 2019

As you known, Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd is a pr […]

As you known, Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd is a professional cobalt chromium alloy company, wel offer cobalt chromium alloy 3, Cobalt Chromium Alloy 4, cobalt chromium alloy 6, cobalt chromium alloy 12, cobalt chromium alloy 20 etc, we promise our products with high quality, so please choose us with confidence, in this article we will introduce you the uses of cobalt chromium alloy.

Cobalt Chromium Alloy Uses

The various uses of Cobalt Chromium Alloy are discussed below:

Cobalt Chromium Alloy are used in the process of hardfacing.

They are also applied in the manufacturing of saw teeth and acid-resistant machine parts.

The invention of Cobalt Chromium Alloy greatly improvised the manufacturing of poppet valves as well as the valve seats for valves. These alloys revolutionized the exhaust valves of internal combustion engines. The interval between maintenance of the valves and re-grinding of the valve seats was lengthened to a significant degree by reducing the erosion of the valves from hot gases.

Cobalt Chromium Alloy are also frequently used to make the cast structure used for dental prosthesis.

Cobalt Chromium Alloy have been used to manufacture turning tools for lathes. Cobalt Chromium Alloy have greater cutting abilities compared to carbon steel tools as well as some high speed steel tools. They are especially capable of cutting difficult materials like stainless steel. Improvements in tipped tools over the years have greatly reduced the use of Cobalt Chromium Alloy in lathes.

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