Cobalt Rod Has Good Machinability

Update:05 Feb 2018

Cobalt Alloy Rod Unlikes other alloys, cobalt rod is no […]

Cobalt Alloy Rod Unlikes other alloys, cobalt rod is not reinforced by an ordered precipitate strongly bound to the matrix, but rather consists of a matrix of fcc and a small amount of carbides dispersed in the matrix. Cobalt rod superalloy is to a large extent rely on carbide strengthening. Pure cobalt crystals at 417 ° C are densely packed hexagonal (hcp) crystalline structures that are converted to fcc at higher temperatures. In order to avoid this conversion of cobalt rod superalloy in use, virtually all cobalt rods are nickel alloyed to stabilize the tissue from room temperature to the melting temperature. Cobalt rod has a flat fracture stress-temperature relationship, but above 1000 ° C shows superior hot corrosion resistance at other temperatures, probably because of the higher chromium content of the alloy.

Cobalt rod is a hard alloy that is resistant to all types of wear and corrosion and high temperature oxidation. The so-called cobalt-based alloy, which was invented by the American Elwood Hayness in 1907. Cobalt-based alloys are based on cobalt as a main component, containing a considerable amount of nickel, chromium, tungsten and a small amount of molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, lanthanum and other alloying elements, and occasionally also contain a class of iron alloy. Depending on the composition of the alloy, they can be made into wire, powder for hard surfacing, thermal spraying, spray welding and other processes, can also be made into castings and forgings and powder metallurgy.

Cobalt rod has good machinability and can produce dumbbells of various shapes. Due to the good ductility of tungsten-nickel-iron high-density alloys, machining of car, milling, planing, threading and tapping can be performed. Its main processing advantages lie in the variety of processing methods and high precision machining. High proportion of tungsten alloy machining accuracy of the car can reach plus or minus 0.05mm, car processing complex processing of pre-processing. High proportion of tungsten alloy dumbbells can also be grinding processing, the accuracy of this processing method than the machining can be achieved plus or minus 0.01mm, grinding the main processing products surface, chamfer, groove and other parts. High proportion of tungsten alloy dumbbell processing roughly the following situations: car, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other common machine tool weight pieces. Accuracy requirements of the heavy parts, only ordinary machining difficult to ensure high machining accuracy, which requires the use of precision machine tools for processing.

Cobalt rod uses advanced metal injection molding process. Metal injection molding process and the thermoplastic material (such as plastic or paraffin, etc.) mixed metal powder injection molding machine plastic forming process. Metal injection molding process into the field of powder metallurgy and the formation of a new near-net-shape powder forming technology.