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Update:15 Nov 2018

Cobaltalloy based on its abundant resources, is profess […]

Cobaltalloy based on its abundant resources, is professionally manufacturing & trading cobaltalloy Products.

Who We Are?

Leaders in high performance PM Cobalt Alloy, Cobalt Chrome Alloy products, is credited daily reliability of our clients in oil & gas, petrochemical, wood cutting, viscose fiber, auto, steel and food industry.

Manufacturers for almost 20 years and are very knowledgeable about the Cobalt-chromiun alloy properties, our experience, quality control and know-how we cloud solve the wear and corrosion issues for each client.

The technical department can advise and help fully resolve any questions or need arising in the production process.

A quick and efficient service can compare our quality worldwide.

Our Powder metallurgy Cobalt-chromiun alloy parts will ensure the maximum performance values ​​and we are responsible for every piece, you can rely on SYTOP.

Our Committed ( Cobalt Alloy Plate Manufacturer - Sytop Cobaltalloy)

The orders will be well organized and strictly quality controlled from design to cobalt chromium alloy, Cobalt Alloyproduct.

High quality committed

Reasonable delivery guarantee

Quick and efficient after service

With the stable and high-quality products, the products find a good sale in domestic and abroad and had gained unanimous trust and favorable comment of mass customers. Welcome everyone to visit our company in order to obtain more profits together with the cooperator and create the brilliant future.