Copper Cobalt Alloy Is An Electrical Material

Update:22 Jan 2018

Copper Cobalt Alloy with tungsten and copper two kinds […]

Copper Cobalt Alloy with tungsten and copper two kinds of elements of the material. Tungsten and copper do not form a solid solution, nor form an intermetallic compound, but exist independently and uniformly in their respective metal components. Therefore, the beginning of the so-called "false alloy", and later also classified as "composite materials." Tungsten copper with a tungsten skeleton (skeleton density is generally 70% to 86% theoretical density) of tungsten copper material, at high temperature, due to the melting of copper, evaporation of heat absorbed on the surface of the material, the cooling effect of the tungsten matrix, like the human body to reduce sweating Like body temperature, it is a kind of metal sweat material. Tungsten has a high melting point, high strength and high hardness, copper has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and toughness, tungsten and copper materials combine the performance of tungsten and copper, with high value.

Electrical contact material. This is the most important class of electrical materials, they have high arc erosion resistance and anti-welding performance, for a variety of high and low voltage switchgear and some instruments as electrical contacts, electrical contacts and electrodes. Electrical contacts are the most widely used tungsten and copper materials, especially tungsten and copper materials with 20% -40% copper content. They are mainly used in medium and high voltage and medium and large current switching devices, Such as transmission network protection circuit breaker contacts and other contacts, contacts. Copper-copper contacts with 15% to 20% Cu can be used on circuit breakers up to 500,000 V or higher.

Electrical processing materials. Refers to the resistance welding, electric riveting, electric upsetting, EDM technology in the electrode and mold materials. EDM requires electrode or mold material has good electrical conductivity and resistance to arc ablation, in order to ensure the processing accuracy, so the use of tungsten and copper materials. Resistance welding also use more tungsten material. Electric riveting and electric upsetting in some cases also use tungsten copper material.

An important and special tungsten-copper material, which can be used near the melting point of tungsten and slightly above the melting point of tungsten. The work time is very short, and the task is completed in a few seconds to 200 seconds, so it is called instantaneous high temperature material. Such materials are mainly used to manufacture high-temperature parts of spacecraft such as rocket launchers, gas rudders for missile-guided missiles, missile tips and other components. Ablation resistance and thermal shock resistance is the most important performance of instantaneous high temperature materials, because the gas temperature of solid fuel is generally up to 2700 ~ 3300 ℃, the gas stream contains a lot of solid particles, nozzle, gas rudder and other components are Severe scouring and ablation; and these parts are working under conditions of rapid temperature rise, and therefore have a strong thermal shock damage to the part.