High Hardness Cobalt-Chromium ALloy Rod Bar

Update:10 Nov 2017

High hardness cobalt-chromium alloy rod bar for tool. C […]

High hardness cobalt-chromium alloy rod bar for tool.

Cobalt and chromium are the two basic elements of cobalt-based alloys, while the addition of molybdenum results in finer grains and higher strength after casting or forging. Cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy, basically divided into two categories: CoCrMo alloy and CoNiCrMo alloy;

1, the first category is CoCrMo alloy, usually cast products; In recent years, Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd. After the production of deformed cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy products, technology Improvements substantially increase the overall mechanical properties of the material;

2, the other is CoNiCrMo alloy, usually (hot) forging precision machining. Cast CoCrMo alloys have been used in dentistry for decades and are currently used to make artificial joints, forged CoNiCrMo alloys used to make heavy loads such as knees and hips.

Effects of cobalt-chromium alloy rod bar alloy surface casting on resistance to deflection fatigue and surface hardness of titanium. If you have not located products that you are looking for on our site please do not hesitate to contact us - https://www.cobaltalloy.net/. Sales Representative. As always we will try to assist you.