High Quality China Copper Cobalt Alloy

Update:17 Jan 2018

Copper Cobalt Alloy based on the addition of a certain […]

Copper Cobalt Alloy based on the addition of a certain amount of tungsten and other elements formed by the niobium alloy. Tungsten and niobium form an infinite solid solution. Tungsten is an effective strengthening element of niobium, but as the addition of tungsten increases, the plastic-brittle transition temperature of the alloy will rise and the grains grow significantly. Therefore, to obtain a high strength niobium tungsten alloy, the amount of tungsten to be properly controlled must be properly controlled. Elements such as zirconium and hafnium should also be added to the grain to reduce the ductility and brittle transition temperature.

Copper tungsten alloy composite material is a two-phase structure pseudo-alloy composed mainly of tungsten and copper, which is a metal-based composite material. Due to the large difference of the physical properties of copper and tungsten, it can not be produced by the casting method, Alloy technology for production.

Cobaltalloy use high-quality raw materials, by pressing, high temperature sintering and infiltration, get excellent performance of W-Cu electronic packaging materials and heat sink material. Suitable for packaging with high-power devices such as substrates, electrodes, etc .; high-performance lead frame; thermal control boards and heat sinks for military and civilian thermal control devices.

Copper Tungsten market demand continued to weaken, dragged down by this week, tungsten concentrate prices fell slightly again, mainly in the price of scheelite concentrate, wolframinerite due to less goods, retailers reluctant slightly firmed. At present, more bearish market outlook tungsten market outlook, mostly wait and see, cautious operation is expected to short-term tungsten concentrates or temporary weak market stability. The recent turnover of the tungsten ore market is more scheelite, wolframite rarely traded. It is understood that the purchaser of scheelite ore inquiry price is cash 100,000 yuan / ton, half-moon knot 101,000 yuan / ton, foreign trade quotes holders is 103,000 yuan / ton, reluctantly sell wait and see, buyers and sellers are not weaker, Closing stalemate. It is understood that the transaction price of scheelite concentrate more cash in the current 101,000 yuan / ton.