Hot Dip Galvanized Production Line for Cobalt Alloy

Update:12 Jan 2018

The continuous hot-dip coating process is a widely used […]

The continuous hot-dip coating process is a widely used method originally developed over fifty years ago for galvanizing of products such as steel sheet, strip, and wire. The molten coating is applied onto the surface of the steel in a continuous process.


Most of the Cobalt Alloy parts are used in this process


Part Name








cobalt chromium alloy 1 , 3 ,4 ,6


Sunk roller sleeve to protect

the roller and reduce its

Corrosion and wear




Cobalt chromium alloy 6 with 316L





Cobalt chromium alloy 6



These are all we made these years for hot-dip galvanized production, recently we are researching the 316 and Cobalt-Chromium Alloy and ceramic compound Cobalt Bushing . All the products could be produced by powder metallurgy and casting process, drawing is necessary and we design mould , the most important we guarantee all the request and properties meet your need .


Please contact us if any need , thank you .