Knowledge about mechanical parts

Update:28 Apr 2019

A discipline that studies and designs mechanical basic […]

A discipline that studies and designs mechanical basic components in a variety of equipment, and is a general term for parts and components. The specific contents of mechanical parts as a discipline include。The connection of zero parts pieces. Such as threaded joints, wedge joints, pin joints, key joints, spline joints, interference fit joints, elastic ring joints, riveting, welding and gluing, etc. Belt drive, friction wheel drive, key drive, harmonics Mechanical transmissions such as transmissions, gear drives, rope drives and screw drives, as well as corresponding shafting zeros parts for drive shafts, couplings, clutches and brakes.  parts that support, such as bearings, boxes and bases.

Lubrication system and sealing for lubrication. 5. Other zero parts parts such as springs. As a discipline, mechanical parts are based on the overall design of mechanical design, comprehensively applying the results of various related disciplines, studying the principles, structures, characteristics, applications, failure modes, carrying capacity and design procedures of various basic components; Theory, methods and guidelines, and thus the establishment of the theoretical system of the subject combined with the actual, become an important basis for research and design machinery since the emergence of machinery, there are corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts are separated from mechanical tectonics and mechanics.

With the development of the machinery industry, the emergence of new design theories and methods, new materials and new processes, mechanical parts have entered a new stage of development. Theories of finite element method, fracture mechanics, dynamic fluid dynamic lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer aided design , solid modeling, system analysis and design methodology have gradually Used for research and design of mechanical parts. Better realize the integration of multiple disciplines, realize the combination of macro and micro, explore new principles and structures, use more dynamic design and precise design, use electronic computers more effectively, and further develop design theories and methods.

The important trend of the development of a discipline pointed out in the notice issued on the 23rd that the import declaration time of the enterprise shall prevail, and from January  the domestic enterprise will develop and manufacture large-scale open-pit mining machinery shovel excavators and large-scale The import tariffs and import value-added tax paid on some key parts and materials imported from coal mining equipment are “first levy and retreat”, and the tax refunds are treated as state investment and converted into state capital, mainly used for new products of enterprises. Developed. The notice identifies the specific types and types of excavators and coal mining equipment, such as electric haulage shearers, scraper conveyors, scraper transfer machines, hydraulic supports, lifting equipment, large crushing stations, and so on.

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