Precision Mold Engineers Still Use Silver Tungsten

Update:02 Jan 2018

Silver Tungsten is silver and tungsten alloy, so the pr […]

Silver Tungsten is silver and tungsten alloy, so the price of tungsten silver is much higher than the tungsten-copper alloy. Even so, why are there still many EDM engineers still having to choose silver-tungsten alloy? From a technical point of view, when the silver tungsten alloy tungsten tungsten tungsten content is not much difference when their conductivity, hardness is about the same. However, the thermal conductivity of tungsten silver (410-420 W / m.K) is much higher than that of copper-tungsten alloy (210-220 W / m.K), even higher than pure copper (390 W / m.K). The high thermal conductivity means that the electrode heat dissipation is not easy to produce high temperature resulting in spark discharge oil carbonization.

Silver tungsten alloy is tungsten, silver element consisting mainly of a two-phase structure of pseudo-alloy, is a metal matrix composites. Due to the large differences between physical properties of metallic silver and tungsten, they can not be produced by the melting casting method, and are generally obtained by the powder alloy technique. It is widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and so on. It is widely used in high temperature resistant materials, high voltage switchgear alloy, electrodeposited electrodes and microelectronic materials.

Silver tungsten material has good welding and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in industrial and domestic circuit breakers. Various types of silver-tungsten provide higher silver with higher electrical conductivity, and higher tungsten makes it more aggressive and solderable. Silver tungsten materials are made of higher tungsten content, burned contacts for large low voltage circuit breakers, and carry a stable line current molded case circuit breaker contacts and a variety of protective circuit breaker equipment. These contacts can also be used for high current contact resistance welding and arc erosion. Silver tungsten electrode is generally used for aluminum, magnesium alloy AC welding.

Preparation of silver tungsten powder metallurgy, more than 60% of the tungsten alloy after immersion greater capacity. It is mainly used for low voltage power switch, lifting switch, switch locomotive, high current switch contacts, heavy duty relays, air circuit breakers and other cobalt. These can improve wet silver tungsten, in order to reduce the ability to contact resistance.