Preparation of Silver Tungsten Alloy

Update:06 Dec 2017

Preparation of Silver Tungsten alloy and tungsten coppe […]

Preparation of Silver Tungsten alloy and tungsten copper alloy the same. Because of the high melting point of tungsten and silver can not be mutual melting, it can not be prepared by traditional methods, the preparation of tungsten silver alloy powder metallurgy method must be used. The application of tungsten silver alloy and tungsten copper alloy is also relatively similar, tungsten silver alloy used as a solid rocket nozzle throat lining. In the electrical switch, tungsten silver alloy more for lower voltage circuit breakers, automatic switches, contactors and other requirements of good oxidation resistance, conductive thermal conductivity, contact size smaller, frequent opening and closing of the occasion.

W-Ag alloy is widely used in high temperature materials, high voltage switchgear alloy, electric processing electrodes, microelectronic materials, as components and components widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries .

High temperature oxidation resistance of silver-tungsten alloy, at room temperature does not react with the acid, but in a mixed acid nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid dissolved at 1000 ℃ in nitrogen atmosphere to form nitrides. Mechanical manufacturing according to advanced technology drawings after conversion in the production of lead bronze centrifugal casting technology, however, customs can not get foreign orders, due to the price is too high, and some use of alternative copper alloy production, resulting in life is too short, causing great Troubled.

In the actual production process, as long as the reasonable choice of surfacing process, surfacing layer weld metal to avoid chemical loss and impurities infiltration, dilution rate control under the premise of the quality and performance of the deposited can be guaranteed. In the course of this alloy carbide phase precipitation continued to become brittle.

Preparation of silver tungsten powder metallurgy, more than 60% of the tungsten alloy after immersion greater capacity. Mainly used for low voltage power switch, lifting switch, switch locomotive, high current switch contacts, heavy duty relays, air circuit breakers and other cobalt. These can improve wet silver tungsten, in order to reduce the ability to contact resistance.