Silver Tungsten Alloy Applications and Supply

Update:30 Jan 2018

Silver Tungsten Alloy can only be made by sintering pow […]

Silver Tungsten Alloy can only be made by sintering powder metallurgy, can also be used extrusion method. Material is characterized by high hardness, anti-arc erosion, anti-adhesion and anti-welding ability. Made by powder metallurgy. More than 60% of the tungsten alloy used in many production methods. Used as a low-voltage power switch, lifting switch, the engine switch, high-current switch pre-contact, and heavy-duty relays, air circuit breakers. Cobalt addition can improve the wettability of silver on tungsten and reduce the contact resistance. An alloy of tungsten and molybdenum. Commonly used tungsten and molybdenum alloy tungsten content of 30% to 50% (mass). Preparation of tungsten and molybdenum alloy and molybdenum metal and molybdenum alloy the same method, that is, after sintering powder metallurgy processing and melting two methods can be made of rods, plates, wires or other profiles.

Manufactured by a process involving pressing, sintering and infiltrating with cooper or silver under strictly controlled conditions, Tungsten based composites are strong refractory metal materials with superior heat, electric arc, wear and deformation resistance at high temperature welding, flash butt and spot welding. They have also excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. The properties of Tungsten composites vary according to the copper/Silver Tungsten ratio. If the Tungsten content improves, the electric arc and wear resistance will increase while the thermal and electrical conductivity, on the contrary, reduce.

Tungsten carbide silver composites are with a higher hardness but lower electrical conductivity than the Silver Tungsten grades. They are suitable for air switching operations where a high arc and mechanical wear resistance are required. They are used in DC switchgear, miniature circuit breakers a heavy duty relays.

We can supply Cobalt-Chromium Alloy, AgWC60 and AgWC72 materials. Our tungsten carbide-silver (WCAg) switch contacts are perfect for your power needs. They reliably switch short-circuit current in vacuum contactors in the 7.2 - 24 kV range, for instance, and have a life of more than a million switching cycles. We manufacture WCAg compliant with the international standard ASTM B 663-94. Cobaltalloy Silver Tungsten generally immediately available in most volumes, including bulk quantities.