Some Information of Sytop Copper Tungsten Alloy

Update:30 Nov 2018

Since cobaltalloy foundation, the company sticks to the […]

Since cobaltalloy foundation, the company sticks to the principle of specialization and tries its best to supply customers with products of high quality at competitive prices. Our company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Cobalt Chromium Alloy and Cobalt Alloy . We use the extraordinary quality and reliability in all sectors of the user has established a good reputation.

The material combines the properties of both metals, resulting in a material that is heat-resistant, ablation-resistant, highly thermally and electrically conductive, and easy to machine.

Parts are made from the CuW alloy by pressing the tungsten particles into a desired shape, sintering the compacted part, then infiltrating with molten copper. Sheets, rods and bars of the alloy are available as well.

Commonly used copper tungsten alloy contains 10–50 wt.% of copper, the remaining portion being mostly tungsten. The typical properties of the alloy depend on its composition. The alloy with less wt.% of copper has higher density, higher hardness and higher resistivity. The typical density of CuW90 alloy, with 10% of copper, is 16.75 g/cm3 and 11.85 g/cm3 for CuW50 alloy. CuW90 has higher hardness and resistivity of 260 HB kgf/mm2 and 6.5 µΩ.cm than CuW50.

Cobaltalloy has developed an enviable reputation for quality & reliability of product at competitive prices. Welcome to visit cobaltalloy for further information.