The Quality of Cobalt Alloy Is Very Important

Update:13 Nov 2018

Cobalt Alloy is naturally ferromagnetic. The crystal st […]

Cobalt Alloy is naturally ferromagnetic. The crystal structure of the cobalt alloy maintains its strength even at higher temperatures and has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance than other metals. These high performance alloys are commonly used in gas turbine blades and aircraft engines in the aerospace industry, as well as prosthetic components in the medical and dental industries.

The alloy particles used in high-quality cobalt alloy band saw blades are thicker and larger, because such carbide saw blades can withstand multiple sharpenings and have a long service life. In addition, the quality of the welding of cobalt alloys is also very important, the welds are thin and uniform, so that the saw teeth can withstand greater cutting forces.

In addition, the quality of the cobalt alloy saw blade is very important. Because the saw blade adjusts the rotation, it must not only transmit the cutting force but also maintain the stability of the work. The excellent cobalt alloy saw blade not only has static geometry and precision, but more importantly its dynamic characteristics. When the saw blade is continuously cut, the heat generated by the alloy band saw blade alloy sawtooth cutting is transmitted to the saw blade, which raises the temperature of the saw blade, and the high quality saw blade can maintain the accuracy of the state in this case. If a poor quality cobalt alloy saw blade is used, the saw blade warps will occur, which seriously affects the sawing accuracy.

The dynamic stability of Cobalt Alloy Blade and saw blades is especially important for the fineness of several cobalt alloy saw blades. How to ensure the quality of longitudinal unloading when a multi-blade sawing machine uses a set of unstable cobalt alloy saw blades.