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Update:23 Oct 2017

Cobalt as a binder in powder metallurgy to ensure that […]

Cobalt as a binder in powder metallurgy to ensure that the carbide has a certain toughness. If alloying with WC, cobalt in addition to the role of binder, but also improve the strength of cemented carbide.

The cobalt alloy is an alloy of cobalt-based alloying elements. At present, cobalt alloy consumption and application of the traditional areas of the main battery materials, super heat-resistant alloys, tool steel, carbide, magnetic materials. Cobalt consumed in the form of a compound is mainly used as a catalyst, a desiccant, a reagent, a pigment and a dye. Cobalt is a widely used radioactive material, widely used in biochemistry for activation analysis; used in electroplating, corrosion and catalysis for tracer research; used in medical treatment for radiological examination and treatment.

The tool steel containing a certain amount of cobalt alloy can significantly improve the wear resistance and the cutting performance of the steel. The cobalt combines the other metal carbide grains in the alloy composition so that the alloy has higher toughness and reduces the sensitivity to impact, This alloy welding on the surface of the parts, parts can increase the life of 3-7 times. Cobalt more than 50% of the Division of Lithium Carbide even if heated to 1000 ℃ will not lose its original hardness.

When the temperature is above 1038 ℃, the superiority of cobalt alloy is obvious, especially suitable for making high-efficiency high-temperature engine and steam turbine, so cobalt-based alloy is widely used in aerospace and modern military field. The use of a cobalt-based alloy containing 20% to 27% chromium in the structural material of an aviation turbine engine results in a high oxidation resistance of the material without any protective coating. Nuclear reactor heating chamber The heat medium turbine engine can be operated continuously for more than one year without maintenance.

Cobalt alloy or cobalt-containing alloy steels are used as various important heat-resistant components for gas turbine blades, impellers, conduits, jet engines, rocket engines, missile components and chemical equipment, as well as important metals in the atomic energy industry. click Cobalt alloy: to see more information.