Various Grades of Cobalt Chromium Alloy

Update:09 Jan 2019

As a special engineering material, Cobalt Chromium Allo […]

As a special engineering material, Cobalt Chromium Alloy has been widely used. It has excellent performance in high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance, but the performance of alloys of different grades is also very different. Some grades of alloys are designed for a specific purpose. When used, the grades must be carefully selected to achieve superior performance. The main properties and uses of various types of cobalt chromium alloys are summarized as follows:

1. cobalt chromium alloy 7, 8, 21, 37, 208, 250 and 251

Reinforced with elements such as molybdenum, nickel and niobium, these seven alloys are all low carbon alloys. Although their room temperature hardness is low, it will be improved after cooling, and it has extremely high temperature corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength and best ductility. Commonly used in gas turbine blades, brass molds and extrusion dies, cobalt chromium alloy 208 is specifically designed for forging dies, cobalt chromium alloy 250 and 251 are used exclusively for various parts in the furnace.

2.Cobalt Chromium Alloy 6, 306, 506

These alloys have moderate carbon content (0.5%~1.6%) and are less ductile than cobalt chromium alloy 7, 8 and 31. They are generally 1% at room temperature and have a slightly higher hardness (HRC 43), but they have good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. These alloys are used as castings and also have thermal shock resistance. Therefore, they can not only be used as sealing surfaces for steam valves and chemical valves but also parts for contact with hot steel and hot scissors. Cobalt Chromium Alloy 306 is a cobalt-based tube wire commonly used to repair hard-faced coatings on parts subject to thermal shock and mechanical shock. Cobalt Chromium Alloy 506 is also a cobalt-based tube filament with the same hardness as the cobalt chromium alloy 6.

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