Cobalt Chromium Alloy 20 Bearing Bush

Cobalt Chromium Alloy 20 Bearing Bush

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Cobalt Chromium Alloy 20 Bearing Bush is the advantaged products for us , we have produced more than thousands specifications and all of them are produced upon customer’s drawing .

This kind of Cobalt Chromium Alloy sleeve is for Galvanized production line. As its excellent wear and corrosion resistance .

Now we could supply ,316L and Cobalt Chromium Alloy composite structure sleeve and ceramic with 316L composite structure sleeve .

Cobalt Chromium Alloy 20 Bearing Bush Brief Information

Process :

Powder Metallurgy , it is short for PM and investment casting 


38-53 HRC

Density :

8.4 g/cm ³

Size :

Diameter 8-500mm and maxium length 500mm


Properties :

Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance 

Instructions :

Drawing made upon cutomers request 

Tolerance control :

turning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing 

Production lead time

normal order 30 days

Production capacity :

20,000pcs one month.

Package :

 carton or wooden case , pallet for export 

We are proud to support our customers to get more values, to create new business. We look forward to fulfilling all your future cobalt chromium alloy 20 needs. You may have many options, so we appreciate your loyalty and business. Thank you, for choosing Sytop.


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