Metal Ceramic Thermocouple Protective Tube

Metal Ceramic Thermocouple Protective Tube

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We produce the thermocouple protection Tube for many years which in made of high temperature metal ceramics. The material was researched by professor Li Rongjiu in Northeastern University who has been engaged in this filed for more than 30 years , we bought his technology and produce it exclusive.


Thermocouple protection tube for high temperature salt bath furnace , the lifespan will be 1 month when it is used to the liquid of 1280℃.


Its main material composition Mo and Al2O3


Thermocouple protection tube can resist the corrosion of steel liquid , the life span will be 24 hours when it is used to 1450 and 1560 steel liquid.


Its main material composition is ZrO2 and SiO2 .




(1).Good tenacity

(2).High temperature resistance

(3).High thermal conductivity

(4).Corrosion resistance

(5).Good thermal stability

(6).Wear resisrance




1.Applied in high tempreture salt bath furnace

2.Steel Liquid

3.Nuclear fuel environment conditions

4.Chemical gasification furnace use

5.Other application environment :Liquid iron ,copper solution ,CFBB




We can manufacture the products according to your drawings and demands.


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